Poultry Vetsense Avi Lyte125ml

Poultry Vetsense Avi Lyte125ml-Poultry-Ascot Saddlery

Poultry Vetsense Avi Lyte125ml

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Poultry Vetsense Avi Lyte125ml

a liquid electrolyte that replenishes electrolytes lost during times of stress while also supplying energy

Common stressors includes: extremely hot days; illness; travel; and vaccination.

It has also been shown that it can enhance eggshell quality when combined with a calcium supplement, especially in hotter months (greater then 25 degrees Celsius).

ā€“ Potassium ions 21.76g
ā€“ Sodium ions 0.6715
ā€“ Chloride ions 22.77g
ā€“ Magnesium ions 0.0223g
ā€“ Glucose 30g
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