Shampoo Kohnke Kleen Sheen 1litre

Kohnke Kleen Sheen 1litre-STABLE: Show Preparation-Ascot Saddlery

Shampoo Kohnke Kleen Sheen 1litre

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Kohnke's Own Kleen Sheen Shampoo
KLEEN-SHEEN® is a new generation, fully biodegradable, soap free shampoo which cleans and removes stains, but does not strip essential oils from the coat when used as directed.
It works by lathering to a soft foam, rather than forming suds as occurs with detergent based shampoos. It gently lifts soil and contamination off the skin and hair, leaving no soap residues which would otherwise lead to scurf in the coat. The foam rinses out easily leaving a soft, silky and long lasting sheen. It is ideal where water is scarce or tank water is only available.
The Benefits of Kleen-Sheen®
Silicon enhanced for the brightest sheen.
Built-in conditioner for the softest coat.
Foaming shampoo (no suds) for the quickest wash.
No residues or scurf means faster rinse out and less water.
Advanced highlighter for enhanced coat colour.
Biodegradable – saves the environment.
Rinses out easily with one pass with a hose, which saves water.
Size: 1L
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