Stockholm Tar Equinade

Equinade Stockholm Tar-STABLE: Hoof Care-Ascot Saddlery

Stockholm Tar Equinade

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Equinade Stockholm Tar

Contains 100% pure Swedish Pine Tar. Equinade Pure Stockholm Tar is made entirely of Swedish Pine Tar, which is recognised for its gentle antiseptic properties and natural antibacterial properties. This company held a monopoly for selling pine tar and so the premium form of the product became known as "Stockholm Tar".

Equinade Pure Stockholm Tar is a high quality pine tar that is manufactured utilising closed kilns to extract the precious sap, with no hazardous by products like as creosote being created. Equinade Pure Stockholm Tar is available in a variety of grades.

Benefits and applications

It is non-toxic and does not include any water, petroleum-based chemicals, or carcinogenic creosote, among other things.
Natural antiseptic effect aids in the prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases of the hoof and skin, such as thrush.
Helps in the treatment of split hooves, split heels, cracks, and corns on the horse's feet.
It helps to keep the hoof flexible and elastic.
One of the most useful ingredients for making preparations such as soap and shampoo as well as animal dips and hoof applications.
Other applications include sealing and preventing infection of shearing wounds and when dehorning.
A natural method of sealing exposed branches after pruning is also available.

1 litre and 2 litre versions are available.
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