Vetsense Biotin Hoof Powder 1.5kg

Biotin Hoof Powder
Aids in promoting and maintaining healthy hoof growth and coats in horses.
It is recommended to administer daily for up to six to nine months to achieve substantial improvement in hoof growth and quality.
Each kg contains;
Biotin 500mg
Methionine 200g
Chelated Zinc 1.34g
Calcium 169g
Phosphorus 127g
Mix well in dry feed. Each scoop contains 30g of Vetsense Biotin giving 15mg of the biotin active per serve.
Horses (450-600kg):
30g daily (1 scoop). This includes Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Endurance Horses, Eventers.
Ponies (225-250kg):
15g daily (1/2 scoop)

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