Ranvet Salt Block Iodised 2kg

Ranvet Salt Block Iodised 2kg
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Ranvet Iodised Salt Block
Supplies a concentrated source of all critical minerals for essential for optimal health and vitality.
Provides trace minerals in addition to macro minerals.
Iodised mineral source.
Appropriate for all classes of horses including racehorses in training, spelling horses, yearlings, weanlings, foals and stallions.
Convenient holders available for ease of use.
Slow to weather and highly palatable.
Active Constituents (kg)
Sodium 38% Zinc 2800mg
Copper 4000mg Iron 2100mg
Selenium 50mg Manganese 2000mg
Iodine 150mg Cobalt 150mg
Vitamin E 1500mg Biotin 200mg
Magnesium 0.1%
Place block in holder in paddocks. A ratio of one block per 5-6 horses is ideal. This will vary according to the class of horse, stage of development and exercise intensity.
Dosage Rates:
Ad libitum access.
Size: 2kg
*10kg block & holder shown for visual purposes only*
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