Ranvet Ration Balancer Pellet 3kg

Ranvet Ration Balancer Pellet 3kg
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Ranvet Ration Balancer
Balanced combination of essential vitamins and minerals to optimize health and vitality in a palatable, economical pellet.
Ideal feed supplement for racing, high performance, breeding and pleasure horses.
Comprehensive supply of fat and water soluble vitamins.
Chelated trace minerals for improved nutrient absorption across the intestinal lining.
Highly palatable source of vitamins and minerals.
Contains high levels of B-group vitamins which are required for optimal energy provision and optimal carbohydrate metabolism. B-group vitamins are not stored in the body and require daily supplementation, particularly for horses under strenuous work.
High levels of Vitamin E and selenium which provide immune and antioxidant benefits for horses experiencing ongoing muscle soreness.
Provides minerals required for connective tissue development in mares and foals.
Provides electrolytes which are lost in the highest quantities via equine sweat.
Pelleted form reduces adverse reactions to powders and easily identified within a mixed feed.
Easily mixed into the ration.
Key Ingredients
Calcium 88.93g Phosphorus 25.2g
Sodium 27.37g Copper 1500mg
Zinc 5000mg Manganese 4580mg
Iodine 76mg Cobalt 8mg
Selenium 4mg Choline 3.52g
Vitamin A 100000IU Vitamin D3 13000IU
Vitamin E 12000IU Vitamin B1 820mg
Vitamin B2 884g Vitamin B3 3.78g
Vitamin B6 1310mg Pantothenate 1270mg
Vitamin B12 3400mg Folic acid 390mg
Directions For Use:
Mix Ranvet Ration Balancer Pellet thoroughly through the feed. A measure is provided. One level measure holds 30g Ration Balancer Pellet.
Dosage Rates:
Resting and light work 30g daily; Moderate to heavy work 60g daily.
Important Notes:
Excessive copper and cobalt is toxic. This product is contraindicated for use unless copper and/or cobalt deficiency is confirmed. Excessive tissue levels of Selenium is toxic. Care should be taken to avoid over-supplementation, if selenium levels are high this product should not be used. Selenium status can be determined by consulting your veterinarian.
Size: 2kg
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