Ranvet Energy Plus 5lit

Ranvet Energy Plus 5lit
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Ranvet Energy Plus 5lit

Glycero-phosphate and iron supplement for horses with added choline.

High energy glycero-phosphate provision.
Two readily assimilated and highly available iron salts.
Added choline to meet the increased demands of liver stress in hard working horses.
Highly palatable iquid for easily administered oral use.
Rapidly replaces phosphate compounds which are necessary for muscle metabolism.
Improves absorption rate of available iron into the blood stream.

Provides instantly available energy.
Delays lactic acid accumulation and muscle fatigue.
Improves endurance capacity.
Maintains optimum red blood cell counts and maximizes oxygen transfer.
Improves iron absorption from the gut and aids liver function.
Stimulates the appetite.
Rapidly metabolized and absorbed.

Key Ingredients
Key Ingredients per L
Iron 11.92g
Glycerophosphate 21.2g
Choline 0.056g

Directions For Use
Administer orally over the tongue or place liquid on dry feed.

Dosage Rates
Routine use 60mL daily; Spelling horses use 60mL daily for the first 28 days then reduce to 30mL daily if horse is spelling for longer than 6 weeks.
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