Right Balance Mustad 2.5kg

Mustad Right Balance 2.5kg
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Right Balance Hoof Supplement
The nutritional and palatable pellet supplement, contains all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs to keep coat and hooves healthy from the inside out.
Right Balance, a Mustad Brand, combines Biotin, Zinc (Zinpro) and Vitamin E that horses need for STRONG HOOVES AND HEALTHY COATS.
It improves:
- Soft, brittle hooves, cracks, seedy toe, sole ulcers and white line disease
- Increases hoof growth, builds hoof wall integrity and restores hair quality and lustre.
- Improves dry skin and opaque coat.
Mustad Clinican, Carl O?Dwyer recommends Right Balance:
?In 50 years of shoeing horses I have never seen a product act so quickly. Within six weeks there was a noticeable physical change in the make up of the hoof. Almost straight away I saw an improvement in the lustre of the hair and coat and over a short period of time I saw a thickening of the soles and walls and improvement in the hoof growth. I used Right Balance during the summer months when hooves are harder and more brittle and I was amazed to see how supple the hooves were.
Pellet form.
I would definitely recommend Right Balance to anyone who owns or works with horses.?
Size: 2.5kg
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