Kentucky Equine Research Drink Up 80gm Sachet

Kentucky Equine Research Drink Up 80gm Sachet
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Drink Up
For horses that are fussy or reluctant to drink.
?You can lead a horse to water, but you can?t make them drink?
But what if you can?
Water intake is vital for maintaining the health and well-being of all horses. When water intake is less than adequate, horses are at risk of dehydration, particularly if exercising or travelling.
KER Drink-Up? is a highly palatable blend designed to encourage horses to drink water. Drink-Up is a scientifically formulated, complex combination of ingredients which work together to increase a horse?s willingness to drink.
Research has shown that 90% of horses increased water intake with Drink-Up.
Encouraging your horse to drink when travelling, competing, or during an illness is crucial in preventing dehydration and associated problems. DRINK-UP is an essential tool for encouraging your horse to drink to the bottom of the bucket.
Scientifically formulated, highly palatable, complex combination of ingredients.
Increases horse?s acceptance of water and therefore aids in the prevention of dehydration*.
Flavoured to further encourage horses to drink.
Contains KER Restore? to help stimulate thirst*.
Comes in easy, ready-to-use 80g sachets.
Can be used in conjunction with an electrolyte replacer.
Formulated and produced in Australia.
* Note: While DRINK-UP contains RESTORE, it doesn?t replace the need for an electrolyte for horses that sweat. For horses that are ill, refuse to drink or in cases of severe or moderate dehydration, please seek veterinary advice
Grain, KER Restore, Molasses, Salt, Natural Flavour, Propionic Acid.
Size: 80gm Sachet
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