Kelato Red Hot Liquid 946ml

Kelato Red Hot Liquid 946ml
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Kelato Red Hot Spray
What is it?
Red HOT Spray is a safe, chilli tasting non-toxic formula of soap, spices and flavouring to stop horses (and other animals) chewing on bandages, leg wraps, blankets, and casts.
Red HOT Spray is effective in coating hard surfaces in stables, trailers, fencing, kennels and various places animals like to chew.
Why do I need it?
While it is difficult to identify the sole reason animals chew their housing, bandages, rugs and bedding materials, the special unique formula of soap, spices, and flavouring in Red HOT Spray was created to stop horses (and other animals) chewing on bandages, leg wraps, blankets and casts.
How will it help my horse?
An extremely effective product for windsuckers / cribbers.
Cribbing can be detrimental in many ways. There are the potential health risks of weight loss, dental problems and colic. There is the risk of poor performance from decreased energy or undesirable appearance. There are the expenses incurred from veterinary bills and damage to property.
Red HOT Spray combats the problem by releasing a chilli tasting non-toxic taste that deters animals from chewing and sucking on their surroundings.
Please note RedHOT Spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum, which contains the oil of Capsaicin.
? Spray/paint liberal amounts on areas you wish to protect.
? Re-apply as needed.
? Red HOT Spray can be removed with light scrubbing and soapy water if applied accidently.
Packaging: 946mL (with spray nozzle)
? Surfactants
? Water
? Chilli
? Capsaicin (< 1%)
? Red Colouring
Size: 1L
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