Dressage Whip Adjustable Showmaster 100cm-120cm

Showmaster Adjustable Dressage Whip 100-120cm
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ShowMaster Adjustable Dressage Whip
Adjustable length, from 100 - 120cm with stunning silver caps that accentuate a textured leather handle.
A comfortable grip with a show-ring finish.
Nylon braided flexible shaft with sprung core.
Durable braided tip.
PLEASE NOTE: To adjust the whip, do not twist the handle. Simply hold the handle with one hand, and the shaft of the whip with the other and pull.
You can then adjust the whip to the desired length.
The increments for adjustment are marked on the whip in both centimetres and inches to allow you to easily see the whip length once adjusted.
Colour: Black
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