Thorowgood T8 Dressage Saddle Low Wither Black

Thorowgood T8 Low Profile Dressage Saddle
Tailor-made to allow the broader horse to work in comfort, the low profile panels offer closer rider contact, making this the best solution for the low withered horse doing flatwork.

The dressage specific tree and moveable under-flap thigh blocks combine to help the rider maintain a balanced dressage position, while the 3 different girthing options ensure total saddle security.

Quality leather seat and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle.

Flocked with 100% British wool.

Material: Leather & Synthetic
Colour: Black
Sizes: 16 1/2", 17", 171/2", 18"
Warranty: 'SimaTree" - Lifetime
Materials & Workmanship - 12 months

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