Oakwood Leather Wipes Packet of 20

Oakwood Leather Wipes Packet of 20
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Oakwood Everyday Leather & Synthetic Wipes
Gently removes dust, dirt and grime from leather and synthetic surfaces. The unique leather & synthetic formulation moisturises articles to maintain softness and shine and protects articles from colour fading and deterioration associated with everyday wear and tear.
Oakwood leather & Synthetic wipes are crafted with carnauba wax to restore, protect and buff to a lustrous finish in one simple process. Ideal for use on saddles, stirrups, bridles, head collars, chaps, boots, gloves, footwear and more.
EXTRA LARGE / EXTRA THICK WIPES for large coverage area.
Using Oakwood's leather care products will guarantee all your leather gear, will be kept in quality condition.
Suitable for
Head collars.
Gloves, chaps and boots.
Footwear & more.
How to use this product
Step 1 Gently peel back resealable sticker and remove wipe from pack.
Step 2 Wipe down leather surface and allow to dry naturally.
Step 3 Buff surface with a soft cloth to shine.
Carnauba Wax
Leather and Synthetic Cleansing Oils
Size: 20pack
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