Decron Osmotic Gel 200ml

Decron Osmotic Gel 200ml
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Decron Osmotic Gel
Simply apply teh Decron Osmotic Gel to any part of the horse whihc requires treatment.
Decron Osmotic gel assists with the management of hoof problems including mild laminitis, open wound, inflammation and bruising. It can also be applied to strains, sprains and muscular aches and pains.
Benefits and features of Decron Osmotic Gel:
Fast and effective healing qualities. THe Decron Osmotic Gel assists in redeucing inflammation and infection in the hoof.
Relieves pressure fron the hoof encouraging a laminitic horse to move around, which boosts circulation to the hooves.
The gel draws the bruising from the sole which is beneficial to the horse
It can be applied to any open wound. The Gel creates a warm moist environment whihc promotes healing of the wound and encourages new skin to grow. It may also restrict the amount of proud flesh on the wound.
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