Wintec Pro Junior Stock Saddle Black

Wintec Pro Junior Stock Saddle Flock Black
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Wintec Pro Junior Stock

Young riders can feel completely secure in the world's first fully adjustable stock saddle created specifically for them!

Secure ultra-soft seat, adjustable FlexiPoley pads, and long running-Y girth points provide a closer contact with the leg.

Ideal for young riders seeking additional stability in their saddle, the moveable FlexiPoley pads can be adjusted forwards or backwards to ensure optimal contact with the growing legs of the young rider, providing added stability without restriction.

Unmatched horse comfort courtesy of the EASY-CHANGE. Fit Solution and the CAIR Cushion System and an exceptionally large bearing surface and a broad chamber for spinal clearance.

Simple to care for, long-lasting, and hassle-free lifestyle choice. They only require an occasional rinse or dusting with a soft pony brush!

Weatherproof, mud-resistant, and bush-resistant!
Young riders can enjoy the freedom of riding through bush, trails, rivers, and beaches if they dare!

Whether they are new to riding or simply enjoy spending time with their pony or horse, this is the ideal saddle for them to confidently enjoy their time together!

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Colour Black or Dark Brown
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Size 11", 12"
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