Prestige X Paris Jumping Saddle Tobacco

Prestige X Paris Jumping Saddle Tobacco
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Prestige X Paris Jump Saddle The X-PARIS NEW model will occupy the top slot for the performance it provides. The saddle offers improved close contact thanks to greater proximity to the horse. At the same time there is greater comfort because the seat is even softer. The result obtained is an appreciable reduction in panel thickness. At the same time stability is ensured and the horse feels comfortable along its back. No change has been made to any of the other technical features. X – Technology has been able to offer riders the required closeness while fully ensuring due consideration for horses and their wellbeing. With the new version of X-PARIS NEW closeness to the horse has been obtained not by resorting to an extreme twist, by lengthening the tree supports, or by shifting the centre gravity rearwards on the seat – all of which solutions can harm the horse – but through deft adjustments to the frames suggested by a close study of human anatomy. Sizes: 16", 17" or 18" Seat sizes correspond to: 16"-16.5", 17"-17.5" & 18"-18.5" Gullet sizes: 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 Colours: Tobacco or Black. *Tobacco image shown for visual purposes only* Warranty: Tree - Lifetime. Stitching & Leather - 2 Years Prestige has developed X-technology, a technology which presents two structural advances in the saddle; 1. It allows more refined panels brining the rider into closer contact with the horse, in the most favourable way. 2. For the rider, elastic membranes support the riders seat bones, offering unparalleled contouring to the riders' anatomy. This is turn alleviates pressure on the seat bones.
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