Pessoa Genx Rodrigo Junior Jumping Saddle Brown

Pessoa Genx Rodrigo Junior Jumping Saddle Brown
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Pessoa Rodrigo Junior Jump Saddle

This saddle promotes the development of a balanced seat in the rider. When jumping large tracks, the flat-shaped tree enables the rider to effectively slip their seat. Ideal for a pony with adequate muscle coverage across its back. It features the Amo range's signature classic style.

Due to the fact that it is constructed on a slightly wider pony tree, it achieves an ideal balance. As with the rest of Pessoa's saddles, it features the company's proprietary AMS and X-Change systems. With pencil knee pads and triangular back pads, the leather is pre-oiled and grained.

Narrow to Extra Extra Wide Pessoa Gullet Plate Widths

Oiled and grained in advance

Black, Dark Brown, or OakBark are the available colours.

Carbon Fibre Tree comes with a 20-year warranty.

14", 15", and 15.75" (Please enquire for the 14")
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