Arena Hart Jump Saddle Black 43cm 17.0"

Arena Hart Jump Saddle Black 43cm 17.0"
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Arena Hart Jump Saddle Black 43cm 17.0"

Key Features
Front and rear Flexibloc
Padded Knee Insert
Elastiflex Tree
Quick Changed Girth Point
Finest Quality European Leather
Ergonomic Stirrup Bar
CAIR Cushion System
Easy-Change Fit Solution wide system
Adjustable Flexibloc System

Girthing System
Short Triple

5.4 kg

Discerning dressage riders will appreciate the beautifully crafted Arena Dressage Saddle as you and your horse move together in perfect comfort and harmony. In training and competition, you will enjoy the close contact feeling, enabling you and your horse to perform dressage movements in rhythmic unison.

Beautifully styled with meticulous attention to detail, you will turn heads in any Arena while being confident that your saddle is comfortable for you and your horse.

Classically crafted from European leather, the discerning rider will appreciate the elegance and quality of Arena Saddles.

Whether you are competing in dressage, tackling a difficult course of jumps or riding on the trail, there is a perfect Arena saddle for you.

Arena saddles feature all of the benefits of Horse and Rider Technology? we call this HART.
Pride in the beautiful styling and meticulous attention to detail.
Support to move with your horse in total harmony.
Stability and personalised comfort for any discipline.

Other sizes are available on request
42cm 16.5"
43cm 17"
44cm 17.5"
46cm 18"
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