Kieffer Sydney Dressage Saddle Black 1

Kieffer Sydney Dressage Saddle Black 1
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Kieffer Sydney Dressage Saddle offers magnificent soft grained leather that delivers the ultimate in grip, comfort, and style; combined with the superb medico seat, you will realise the full potential of your riding with this incredible Kieffer saddle.

The Exclusive tree incorporates the Medico seat, which improves riding comfort. The saddle tree of the Exclusive Medico seat includes a V-cut that is reinforced with an elastic security tape. It provides for a slight bounce during the ride, allowing the rider's spinal column and seat muscles to relax. It encourages riders to feel even more at ease in their seats. Because the stirrup bar is situated closer to the saddle tree, the pommel is slightly narrower, resulting in a more comfortable seat.

Black with brown trim or black with brown trim

Size: 1 and 2 (Size 1 is 17" to 17.5" , Size 2 is 17.5" to 18")

Rachael Downs, Marry Hanna, Rodney Martin, and Matthew Dowsley all have a favourite saddle.
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