Ranvet Oral Doser

Ranvet Oral Doser
Easy to use, convenient oral doser for the administration of oral supplements and medications in horses.
Precise dosage regulation.
Sturdy, non-distorting, heavy duty plastic configuration.
Silicone washer to prevent leakage.
Transparent barrel to facilitate viewing of contents.
Luer-lock hub also accommodates a standard injection needle.
Curved, brass canula with rounded nozzle for safety.
Able to be completely dismantled for cleaning and/or disinfection.
Broad finger grips for maximum control.
Withstands sterilizing with boiling water or autoclaving.
Efficient method of administering Ranvet’s Anthelcide EQ, Racing Oil, Equitone, Potassium Plus, Neutrolene/Plus and Iron Plus to horses.

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