Pessoa Genx Rodrigo Junior Jumping Saddle Oakbark

Pessoa Rodrigo Junior Jump Saddle

This saddle encourages the rider to develop a balanced seat. The flat shaped tree enables the rider to slip their seat effectively when jumping large tracks. Ideally suited to a pony with good muscle coverage over its back. It has the characteristic classic style of the Amo range.

Since it is made on a slightly wider pony tree, it achieves a perfect balance.
As with the rest of the Pessoa saddles, it has the exclusive AMS® and X-Change® systems.
Leather is pre-oiled and grained with pencil knee pads and triangular back pads.

Pessoa Gullet Plate Widths: Narrow to Extra Extra Wide
Leather: Pre-oiled and grained
Colours: Black, Dark Brown or OakBark.
Warranty: Carbon Fibre Tree - 20 years.
Sizes: 14", 15" and 15 ¾ " (Please enquire for the 14")

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