Kelato Swelldown Poultice 2.2kg

Kelato SwellDOWN Poultice
A stable first aid essential! SwellDOWN is a therapeutic clay poultice to quickly take heat out of inflammation, reducing swelling and overall leg soreness. Can be used on broken skin & easy to wash off.
What is it?
SwellDOWN is a fast-acting clay poutice preparation containing active ingredients which aid in producing a soothing, cooling reduction of inflammation and swelling. It’s also easy to remove!
Why do I need it?Equine-Clay-Poultice-SwellDOWN
– Injury or micro-tears in legs caused by stress generate heat which causes inflammation. Application of SwellDOWN clay poultice quickly removes this heat.
– Cooling effect on the injury site to remove heat-induced inflammation
– Helps ease muscular aches and pains
– Easy ready to use formula – no mixing
– Lead free: safe to use over minor wounds and broken skin
– Washes off easily with water after use
– Non-toxic and non-irritating
– Can be used up to the day before race-day.
How it works
The combination of wet montmorillonite clay, essential oils and minerals in SwellDOWN has a cooling effect on the skin. Heat produced by heavy work or injury is drawn out at a rapid rate, aiding in recovery and preventing damage to the soft tissue. SwellDOWN‘s unique formula should be used post training as a preventative to aid in tightening loose joints.
Size: 2.25kg
*Please contact us for other size options*

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