Kelato Betacalm Paste 30ml

Kelato BetaCALM Paste
BetaCALM Paste is a short term, effective and convenient feed supplement specially designed for nervous, stressed or hot horses.
Each syringe of BetaCALM Paste contains 3 doses of the unique formulation containing the optimal level of Tryptophan plus Black Cohosh, Passion Flower, Hops and Ginger Root to give enhanced calming.
For longer term calming, use BetaCALM Powder
Key Benefits
– Each paste contains 3 x 10ml doses
– Calms nervy, stressed, ill-tempered and ‘hot’ horses
– Ideal for settling young stock at sales
– Calming effect allows horses to focus on the task at hand
– A calm, relaxed horse will sweat less, using less electrolytes and presents better
– Easy grip syringe
– apple flavour
– Dial the syringe to provide the required dose: 10mL per 500kg horse or 1mL per 50kg bodyweight.
– Apply directly over the back of the tongue.
– Always comply with the respective rules of competition.
– Administer BetaCALM Paste 1 hour before a stressful event or competition.
– The calming effect will last approximately 4 to 6 hours.
*The overall period of efficacy for BetaCALM Paste will depend on a horse’s individual metabolic rate.
– Tryptophan
– Black Cohosh
– Passion Flower
– Ginger Root
– Hops
Size: 30mL syringe in a single carton. Each syringe contains 3 x 10mL doses (500kg horse).

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