Joseph Lyddy Blac It 250ml Black

Still one of Joseph Lyddy’s most popular and loved products. Blac-It a fast drying hoof enamel dries to a high gloss finish.
Blac-It's glossy finish is long-lasting and durable. The Blac-It coating resists scratches, so it retains its high-gloss appearance for a long time.
The finish is very water-repellent, so that Blac-It helps to keep hooves dry, and it will not wash off the hooves in wet conditions, such as when the horse is on wet grass or in a muddy paddock.
A multipurpose product, Blac-It can also be used as a black lacquer for all kinds of interior ironwork, steps, brickwork, engines, metal and timber.
Directions for use:
Remove any grease or dirt and have article quite dry.
Shake tin before using.
Apply BLAC-IT lightly with soft brush.
May be removed from hands or brush with methylated spirit.
Size: 250ml

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