Training Reins Landsborough Brown

Landsborough Training Reins Brown
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Landsborough Training Reins
These are the ideal reins for training in many different disciplines.
They have four coloured areas to indicate the best place for the riders hands to be.
The different coloured areas also help to keep the hands even on the reins and are ideal for young riders.
Buckle end leather reins with leather rein stops.
The Landsborough range of fine saddlery is a salute to generations of fine equestrian tradition.
The name is synonymous with craftsmanship, pride and attention to detail.
Crafted from the finest drum-dyed, pre-oiled leather, every piece of Landsborough saddlery is supple and broken in from the time it is purchased.
Hand-stitched and edged, the skill and passion of the artisan creator is alive in every detail.
Colour: Brown with coloured grips
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