Bayer Musca Ban Fly Spray 500ml

Musca-Ban Fly Spray
Flies and mosquitoes are a nuisance during the warmer months. Formulated for daily application, Musca-Ban has an effective dual action, killing and repelling insect pests. The natural pyrethrins combined with a synergist, piperonyl butoxide in Musca-Ban kill the insect pests, while citronella oil and other ingredients repel them. Musca-Ban can also be used on other livestock such as pigs and cattle and also on dogs and cats for flea control.
Musca-Ban also contains N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboxide, and piperonyl butoxide as synergists to enhance insecticidal activity, and di-N –propyl isocinchomeronate and citronella oil to repel biting insects.
Musca-Ban is safe to use on dogs and cats as well as horses, sheep and cattle.
Size: 500ml

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